How To Defend Yourself | Outhouse Theatre Co & Red Line Productions

Image by Phil Erbacher

A community of college students are left reeling after a pair of their fraternity brothers perpetrate a horrible crime against a sorority sister, leaving her hospitalised and unable to speak. In an examination of the after affects of sexual violence, How To Defend Yourself considers the ways these students are being failed by the institutions around them and a society that does not adequately interrogate its rape culture.

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Tell Me Before the Sun Explodes | Rock Bottom Productions with bAKEHOUSE

Image by Philip Erbacher

Every few years a movie gets released with a central gay character whose life is tragedy and whose story ends in a tear-jerking death. And every time this reignites a conversation about this seemingly inescapable link between queerness and death. Is it a curse from God? Is it unresolved trauma from the AIDS crisis? Is it pedestrian homophobia? Or is it true?

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Heroes of the Fourth Turning | Outhouse Theatre Co & Seymour Centre

Image by Richard Farland

After Donald Trump’s election in 2016, political analysts, journalists, and general citizens the world over were scratching their heads, wondering where it all went wrong. Many blamed “backwards” religious zealots from mysterious middle America who didn’t know any better. But in the ensuing years, which have seen increased popularity and visibility of far-right ideology, the gap of misunderstanding and miscommunication has only seemed to get bigger.

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The End of Winter | Siren Theatre Co

Image by Clare Hawley

The climate disaster. The great looming end made up of a myriad of smaller endings; extinctions, floods, and fearsome bushfires. What else is at stake? Could we lose something as monumental as a season? Are we already on our way to a world without winter?

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