How To Defend Yourself | Outhouse Theatre Co & Red Line Productions

Image by Phil Erbacher

A community of college students are left reeling after a pair of their fraternity brothers perpetrate a horrible crime against a sorority sister, leaving her hospitalised and unable to speak. In an examination of the after affects of sexual violence, How To Defend Yourself considers the ways these students are being failed by the institutions around them and a society that does not adequately interrogate its rape culture.

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The Deb | Australian Theatre for Young People

Image by Tracey Schramm

For city folk, the traditional debutante ball might seem like an outdated idea with unwelcome patriarchal overtones but the deb is still a thriving cultural tradition in many rural cities around Australia. It’s an exciting event where young adults get to celebrate who they are and mark the transition into adulthood all with a bit of pomp and glamour. But this year in Dunburn, the city and country perspectives collide with disastrous consequences for a small town already on the brink of collapse.

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