Seussical Jr | Lane Cove Theatre Company

Seuss Jnr by Dawn Pugh - allcast_dance_5745

Image by Dawn Pugh

Closing out their 2018 season, the Lane Cove Theatre Company brought the world of Dr Seuss to the stage for a fun-filled production appealing to kids and adults alike. The most beloved childhood characters of the Cat in the Hat, Horton, the Grinch, Yertle the Turtle, and all their friends are brought alive for a musical extravaganza.

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The Wild Party | Little Triangle

Georgina Walker (Queenie) & Chorines

Image by Clare Hawley

It’s the roaring 20s again and Queenie wants to hold a party to end all parties, one where she can get loose and wild and show off just how she likes. Little Triangle’s latest production is a truly wild party full of debauchery, danger, and, most importantly, dancing.

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Co-Directors Carly Fisher and Rosie Niven on the Laramie Project | Theatre Travels

Night Writes sits down with co-directors Carly Fisher and Rosie Niven to discuss their upcoming productions of The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later with Theatre Travels.

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Wyrd: the Season of the Witch | Ninefold

Remounted after a run at PACT in June of this year, Ninefold brings its reimagination of Macbeth back to the stage with a stronger design, clearer motivations, but the same spooky atmosphere.

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Freud’s Last Session | Clock & Spiel Productions

Image by Alison Lee Rubie

Sigmund Freud sits in his London study, having fled the Nazis in Austria, listening to the announcements of the war spreading across Europe and dying. He has had mouth cancer for some time now and is in increasing pain as he edges towards death. This hasn’t stopped him from being his inflammatory self, though, and on this day, he decides to invite CS Lewis, his theological opposite, for tea.

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the Director | Active Theatre Productions

THE DIRECTOR (L to R) Sarah Greenwood Josephine Bloom Alex Rowe Brayden Palmer Emilia Hristov

Annie has written the play of her life and she is devastated to see her production team destroying her creation. She tracks down a man who inspired her early on in her career, an Australian director named Peter, but finds him cast aside as the janitor of a theatre school. Against his protestations, Annie convinces him to work on her play without realising the permission he feels granted. The Director attempts to investigate behind the scenes of an abusive and unethical director and tries to dismantle the myth of genius that keeps people like this in positions of power. The discussion of dangerous directors is typically kept under wraps, contained in rumours and whispers, but Nancy Hasty’s play brings it to the fore for everyone to consider.

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Degenerate Art | Red Line Productions

OLDFITZ Degenerate Art 013

Image by John Marmaras

The 2016 election of Donald Trump was a rude global awakening that the West had quickly forgotten what Fascism looks and sounds like. In the two years since, still, little has been done to address the insidious ways dangerous ideas and attitudes infect policy and perspective on all shores, including our own. Rich white men (and women) continue to cut funding to necessary sectors like health and public schools, detention centres are active and normal, and, yes, Australia is still racist. That’s why we’re seeing Nazis on stage with more frequency and more urgency; as reminders.

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