The Ugly Show | Flight Path Theatre

Image by Olivia Mead

When was the last time you saw an ugly woman performer? Or one where her ugliness was not an indication of her depravity, villainy, or destitution? The Ugly Show encourages audiences to acknowledge that all bodies are ugly sometimes and an ideal that asks anyone, especially women, for anything less is simply unrealistic.

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Good Dog | Green Door Theatre

A young boy gets taught that good things come to good people and he believes it until the difficulty of disappointment hardens that optimism and lets it flake away. Good Dog watches a boy grow into a young man and learn to process power and pain to make the best of his lot.

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A Delicate Balance | Sydney Classic Theatre Company

Alice Livingstone 1

Image by Blake Condon

Perhaps this is an unremarkable Friday evening in the home of an upper-class family with its usual problems. Or, perhaps this is the evening that finally begins the process of throwing the many cracks of regret, deceptions, and desires into relief; when the rocky marriage, alcoholic sister-in-law, fake friendships, and co-dependent daughter all come home to roost.

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Sufficient Carbohydrate | The Guild Theatre


The Greek islands, what a beautiful place for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday with friends and family. Only this holiday has a bit of an ulterior motive with Eddie hoping to sway colleague Jack into the company ethos, and perhaps pursue a smouldering affair on the side. Add alcohol and a touch of heat-stroke and this week away turns into an absolute disaster.

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The Underpants | Sugary Rum Productions

Gabrielle Scawthorn & Beth Daly (photo David Hooley) high res

Image by David Hooley

Theo Maske is a respectable man with a well-paying government job and he will not tolerate a scandal, most especially not a scandal involving his wife dropping her underpants in the middle of a crowd. However, rather than suffering the expected consequences of embarrassment and a sacking, the incident seems to work out in Herr Maske’s profitable favour.

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Death of a Salesman | Arts Theatre Cronulla

Willy Loman is reaching the end of his tether: his job isn’t getting any easier even as he approaches retirement age, neither of his promising sons has made a success of himself yet, and seeing the financial strain on his wife makes him sick. None of the grand plans Willy had for his life have come to fruition but that won’t stop his scheming. Arthur Miller’s classic play takes a hard look at the American dream and the masculinity and mediocrity that underpin it.

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Louisa Collins: A Poison Crown | Actors Anonymous & Blancmange Productions

Image by Phyllis Wong

DEADHOUSE: Tales of Sydney Morgue returns for its second season presenting site-specific and interactive theatre experiences to reveal the hidden history of Sydney. Inspired by Caroline Overington’s book Last Woman Hanged, Louisa Collins: A Poison Crown explores the mystery surrounding two deaths, four trials, and a woman hanged.

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