Short + Sweet Theatre Festival | Week Two

Quicksave MEDIUM

Sydney’s Short + Sweet Theatre Festival brings together groups of writers, directors, and performers to put on dozens of ten minute plays over eight weeks. Each of those weeks sees a selection of Wildcard plays and Top 80 plays compete for audience, judges, and crew votes to put their work through to the semi-finals and, eventually, the top of the Short + Sweet podium.

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Tuesday | Sign of the Acorn with 25A


Image by Clare Hawley

Four people enter a supermarket like any ordinary Tuesday. To their shopping trips they bring the baggage of their families, problems, and personalities. Soon they will share the connection of witnessing a violent attack but, for now, they wander the aisles and think to themselves.

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The Female of the Species | Lane Cove Theatre Company

Female of Species - low res - DSC_6576

Image by Dawn Pugh

Based on the real events of a student invading the home of Germaine Greer, The Female of the Species sets past, present, and future feminists against each other to find the reckoning point between theory and practise.

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Metamorphosis | Clock & Spiel Productions

Father_Yannick Lawry

Metamorphosis was a seminal text from Franz Kafka, one of the most important writers of the 20th century. It depicts young Gregor, a son working to support his poor family, who wakes up one morning to discover he has become a cockroach. This production of the stage adaptation by David Farr and Gisli Orn Gardarsson shifts the dire and dreary tone of Kafka’s novella to something more dramatic.

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Dorian Gray Naked | Popinjay Productions

4. Blake Appelqvist - photo by Clare Hawley

Image by Clare Hawley

Dorian Gray has broken free of the confines of Oscar Wilde’s story and he fully intends to settle any discrepancies, right wrongs, and gain control over his legacy. In a clever new meta musical from librettist Melvyn Morrow and composer Dion Condack, the unspoken sexuality of the Picture of Dorian Gray is laid bare while the eternal youth’s hopes and desires are given life out from under his creator’s thumb.

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Alchemy | Andrew Blanch & Ariel Nurhadi

alchemy at the independent1

Image by Luke Tierney

Sydney-based guitar duo Andrew Blanch and Arial Nurhadi bring their newest program Alchemy to the stage for 2019. The included pieces span the globe, coming from composers from France, Spain, Brazil, USA, Argentina, and Australia. The duo demonstrate a wide range of playing styles and tones for the classical guitar in this program, named after one of the first pieces the pair learned together from the Australian composer Phillip Houghton.

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Beware of Pity | Schaubühne Berlin & Complicité


Image by Jamie Williams

On the cusp of World War I, a young soldier is invited to Baron Kekesfalva’s castle for a party. After embarrassing himself by asking the Baron’s paralysed daughter to dance, Anton Hofmiller attempts to apologise and sets in motion his entanglement with this sad and unusual family. This joint production between Schaubühne Berlin and Complicité based on the Austrian novel by Stefan Zweig is a dark and arresting examination of the rotting influence of pity on a life and its relationships.

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