How To Defend Yourself | Outhouse Theatre Co & Red Line Productions

Image by Phil Erbacher

A community of college students are left reeling after a pair of their fraternity brothers perpetrate a horrible crime against a sorority sister, leaving her hospitalised and unable to speak. In an examination of the after affects of sexual violence, How To Defend Yourself considers the ways these students are being failed by the institutions around them and a society that does not adequately interrogate its rape culture.

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Orphans | Stacks On Theatre

Image by Chrissy Maguire

This review comes from Night Writes guest reviewer Josephine Lee

Is a peaceful domestic dream life still possible in our violent reality? Orphans by Dennis Kelly is an electrifying tale about a middle-class couple, Helen and Danny, who are trying to have a normal domestic life until Liam, Helen’s brother, enters covered in blood, turning their dinner and life on their heads. What unfolds is a series of twists and turns of violence and racism, raising the question of whether a peaceful and domestic life is possible in a violent world.

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