Dances of Passion | The Song Company

Image by Peter Hislop

The classroom is a powerful space for its connections to knowledge, growth, and freedom. In Dances of Passion, the Song Company uses the classroom as an arena for youthful innocence, or ignorance, and the students’ engagement with critical lessons on life and love in three composers’ works.

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In Their Footsteps & Rattling the Keys | Theatre Travels

Image by Becky Matthew Photography

After an ironic interruption in 2020, Theatre Travels’s short play festival NO: INTERMISSION returns with four new plays this year. The first week’s selection travels from war-torn Vietnam to the isolation of Coober Pedy to explore themes of regrets, violence, and death.

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Glengarry Glen Ross | New Theatre

Image by Chris Lundie

It’s the 80s and the air is thick with money; the promise of endless American economic growth just recently cut down by a recession. But the greed is still palpable and it’s gaining momentum amongst the desperate Chicago real estate agents of David Mamet’s imagination.

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Exotic Strudel | Selby & Friends

Kathryn Selby welcomes audiences back to her Selby & Friends concert series for 2021 with a mish-mash program of piano trios. Named after the strudels of Selby’s childhood with various unnameable but delicious ingredients, Exotic Strudel takes an eclectic approach to the early 20th century.

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You’re Not Special | Rogue Projects with bAKEHOUSE

Image by Kate Williams

Digital technology promises so much: convenience, control, your wildest desires just a few clicks away. What this technology can’t do, though, is tell you what it all means. How has 24-hour access to the internet changed our relationship to the world and the people around us? Or, if we can’t stop it from taking over, does it matter?

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The Secret of Chimneys | the Genesian Theatre

Image by Craig O’Regan

Hidden in obscurity since its cancelled 1931 premiere, the Secret of Chimneys makes its Australian debut nearly a century later in a rather more subdued 20s era. From the prolific crime writer Agatha Christie, this tale features stolen jewels, mistaken identities, political intrigue, and, of course, murder.

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5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche | Theatre Travels

Image by Becky Matthews

Clubs and societies, especially ones centred around “women’s” activities like knitting and baking, are often the butt of jokes about spinsters or old biddies but people forget what a safe haven, sometimes life-saving service these communities provide. 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche takes it back to the heyday of CWA stereotypes to find humour in dire circumstances.

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Symphonie Fantastique | Little Eggs Collective

Image by Patrick Boland

Desire and power: it’s a tale as old as time played out countlessly in the artist/muse dynamic. “Symphonie fantastique” by Hector Berlioz is one such example of a multi-layered attempt to capture the fluttering beauty of unrequited love. Using this 19th century composition as the inspiration, Little Eggs Collective inject some queer imaginary and disco fever for a hallucinatory story of revenge.

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Illuminate: Bruch, Britten & Tchaikovsky | Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra

Image by Robert Catto

For the first in-person concert from Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra in nearly a year, the strings performed a selection of European pieces from the late 19th- and early 20th-centuries with shared themes of beauty and folk influences. Set between World War I and World War II, the program captures a continent holding its breath.

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Fag/Stag | Lambert House Enterprises & Les Solomon

Image by David Hooley

The dynamics of male friendships for a long time were a bit of a black hole for artistic and entertainment industries with movies and tv very rarely diving deeper than buddy cops. But as terms like hyper-masculinity and toxic masculinity have entered mainstream vocabulary, works like Fag/Stag have emerged to mine the emotional depths behind grunting and backslaps.

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