The Haunting | Dark Stories

In a house in North Sydney some 150 years ago, three mysterious things took place. Now, it’s time to call on the ghosts of the past for answers and a possibly resolution for those still living and those long dead.

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Zombie Thoughts | National Theatre of Parramatta

Image by Noni Carroll

When life throws up choices, it can be difficult even for the best of us to choose the right path and overcome challenges. Add anxiety into the mix and every decision gets harder again. In Zombie Thoughts, the audience plays through the experience of living with anxiety with the characters of Sam and Pig as they attempt to defeat their biggest fears.

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The Cherry Orchard | Belvoir

Image by Brett Boardman

It has been six years since the cherry orchard witnessed the deaths of a father and son and now the matriarch has finally returned. But Ranevskaya brings back with her the family debts and denial. One of Anton Chekhov’s most beloved plays, the Cherry Orchard is charged with reconciliation, regret, and the unstoppable waves of change.

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Significant Other | New Theatre

Image by Bob Seary

We are conditioned to want, or even expect, the fairytale romance culminating in marriage and a happily ever after with kids. Whether it’s romcoms, social norms, or capitalism, the pressure to fulfil these expectations is enormous. For some it’s a matter of casting off that narrative and seeking something else but what if you do want the fairytale and you just can’t get it?

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Yielding & Big Horn | Crying Chair Theatre

Image by Andrea Mudbidri

Ageing is a great privilege for those who get the chance but that doesn’t make it easy. Ill health, loneliness, and loss of autonomy are just some of the difficult issues to navigate in old age. In this double bill from Crying Chair Theatre, two families face great changes and must reconcile their past years with those ahead.

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INTACT | Fuser Production

Image by Adam Scarf

For a dancer, the body is an instrument, a tool, a direct connection to the spirit. INTACT, then, uses movement and dance to explore the body after injury, processing trauma, and being reinvented. For the performer, the relationship between mind and body is paramount to telling this story.

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The Game’s Afoot | Arts Theatre Cronulla

It all began when, during the closing bows of a lauded run of a Sherlock Holmes play, famed actor William Gillette was shot by a mysterious gunman. With the alternate title Holmes for the Holidays, Ken Ludwig’s script blends Shakespeare, Sherlock, and a touch of reality for a murderous Christmas romp in the Connecticut countryside.

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Jawbone | Marrickville Theatre Company

We know that bad news travels in threes but that doesn’t make it any easier for Tim to swallow the wrong turns his life has taken. In the inaugural performance for the rebranded Marrickville Theatre Company (formerly Bulldog Theatre Company), one man tries to sort his life out once and for all.

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Hyperdream | Red Line Productions with the Last Great Hunt

Virtual reality offers endless possibilities including the Hyperdream, an opportunity for paying customers to relive pivotal moments in their lives. Whether they have unfinished business, need a chance to heal, or just want to experience the thrill again, Hyperdream can make that happen. It’s a powerful technology. Perhaps, too powerful?

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