Leading Ladies | Castle Hill Players

CHP-03-Leading Ladies-5367

Image by Chris Lundie

When down on his luck actor Leo reads about the projected inheritance of missing relatives Max and Steve, he thinks he’s hatched the perfect plan to save his and his acting partner Jack’s career. Little does he know the lengths this job will push their talent as they attempt to trick Great Aunt Florence and win the hands of some beautiful young ladies, as well. Like any Shakespearean farce, Leading Ladies is a classic tale of missing relatives, large inheritances, and sneaky disguises that ends neatly with love and justice.

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Times & Seasons: The Marais Project’s 20th Anniversary Concert | The Marais Project & Elysian Fields

Image by Philip Pogson

After founding the Marais Project in 2000, viola da gamba player Jennifer Eriksson is still leading the charge for the instrument as the only electric viola da gamba player in Australia as a member of Elysian Fields. This concert brings together the classical and contemporary tones of this unique instrument in celebration of the Marais Project’s 20th anniversary and the launch of their latest album.

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Cyprus Avenue | Red Line Productions

Image by Yure Covich

In the modern world, where it seems chaos reigns, the indeterminacy of the future can have many people clinging to the certainty of discrimination, exclusion, and hatred tighter than ever before. For loyalist Protestant Eric, the trauma of a past broken by terrorism and fear collides with the intimidating future of freedom and unlimited possibilities with devastating effects.

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Jump First, Ask Later | PYT Fairfield & Force Majeure

Image by Daniel Boud

In mainstream media and news, Western Sydney came seem like a world unto itself. With a long history of immigration, the western suburbs are some of the most culturally diverse areas in Australia so, with representatives from Fairfield, Jump First, Ask Later aims to showcase that diversity through their personal histories and their shared love of urban movement styles.

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Made to Measure | Seymour Centre

Image by Lisa Tomasetti

Weddings as moments of great personal and cultural significance are often very emotional experiences from the engagement to the bachelor/bachelorette parties and all the little rituals that go into the big day. For marginalised people, people who are not reflected in bridal magazines or represented in bridal shops, and who don’t even appear in trashy wedding reality shows, organising a wedding can encompass an additional range of emotions that damper the joy and frivolity of the occasion. Alana Valentine’s new play Made to Measure confronts the experience of trying to celebrate yourself in a world that won’t celebrate with you.

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Testament | Acacia Quartet

In their 2019 return to the Independent Theatre, Acacia Quartet offered of program of tonal variety in the concert Testament. Balancing classic string composers against untested contemporary pieces made for an afternoon of pleasant playing and peppery moments.

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Eyes to the Floor | Rough Hewn Theatre Troupe

Image by Stephen Reinhardt

The past few years has seen Australia rattled by revelations and testimonies of abuse suffered by children in the care of institutions whether schools, churches, or homes for juvenile offenders and abandoned children. Following on from Alana Valentine’s renowned script Parramatta Girls, Eyes to the Floor integrates memories from survivors of the Institution for Girls in Hay, NSW, where girls aged 13-17 who were expelled from Parramatta Girls Home and Cootamundra Girls Home were sent in the 1960s and 1970s.

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