INTACT | Fuser Production

Image by Adam Scarf

For a dancer, the body is an instrument, a tool, a direct connection to the spirit. INTACT, then, uses movement and dance to explore the body after injury, processing trauma, and being reinvented. For the performer, the relationship between mind and body is paramount to telling this story.

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The Game’s Afoot | Arts Theatre Cronulla

It all began when, during the closing bows of a lauded run of a Sherlock Holmes play, famed actor William Gillette was shot by a mysterious gunman. With the alternate title Holmes for the Holidays, Ken Ludwig’s script blends Shakespeare, Sherlock, and a touch of reality for a murderous Christmas romp in the Connecticut countryside.

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Jawbone | Marrickville Theatre Company

We know that bad news travels in threes but that doesn’t make it any easier for Tim to swallow the wrong turns his life has taken. In the inaugural performance for the rebranded Marrickville Theatre Company (formerly Bulldog Theatre Company), one man tries to sort his life out once and for all.

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Hyperdream | Red Line Productions with the Last Great Hunt

Virtual reality offers endless possibilities including the Hyperdream, an opportunity for paying customers to relive pivotal moments in their lives. Whether they have unfinished business, need a chance to heal, or just want to experience the thrill again, Hyperdream can make that happen. It’s a powerful technology. Perhaps, too powerful?

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Spike Heels | Crashing Water Theatre Company

Love is hard. It always has been. It’s made harder when you’re not sure what you really want. In Theresa Rebeck’s romantic comedy, a love rectangle comes crashing down around an engagement, a lifelong friendship, and a social experiment gone wrong.

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Tiny Universe | Milk Crate Theatre & Shopfront Arts Co-Op

Image by Joshua Morris / David Molloy

What do you think about when you’re alone? Is it the same thing other people think about? Tiny Universe opens up small, private moments to explore the wonderful internal worlds of eight characters and to reflect on the similar and different ways we navigate the outer world.

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Honour | Ensemble Theatre

Image by Prudence Upton

This review comes from Night Writes guest reviewer Gabriella Florek

It must be so delicious for any writer to experience the audible gasp, groan, or outburst of an audience reacting to a punchy line, a witty comeback, or a harsh truth. Joanna Murray-Smith’s Honour has no shortage of these. Her play is cleverly punctuated by all those things I imagine people wish they had said or perhaps have said in a painful or awkward moment.

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Two Sisters | Emanuel Synagogue

There is something special about family, these people who have known you forever and supposedly know you better than anyone else. And yet, in reminiscing, sometimes siblings are revealed to be strangers, memories misremembered, and key qualities forgotten. In Two Sisters, shared lives become complicated and secrets prove painful despite time and distance.

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Ulster American | Outhouse Theatre Co & Seymour Centre

Image by Richard Farland

An American, an Irishwoman, and an Englishman come together to discuss an exciting new theatre project that will provoke the London scene. Except the distinctions aren’t really that clean-cut and even a gentle nudge throws the balance of identity, religion, and politics into a messy, urgent disaster.

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Steel Magnolias | Lane Cove Theatre Company

Image by Jim Crew

Truvy’s Beauty Spot is a sanctuary for the local women residents. They come to here to celebrate good news, seek comfort for bad, and generally relax to some pampering, letting the rest of their worries roll away. Over the course of about two years, the regulars don’t expect quite so much change but Truvy’s is always there to hear all about it.

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