The Fairy Tale of My Life | 180 Collective

He’s a household name, his stories are children’s classics with generations of memories attached to them, and yet many don’t know a whole lot about Hans Christian Andersen and his troubled life. Through a smoke-and-mirrors uncanny interpretation of his story, 180 Collective illuminate the life of a complicated man navigating self-doubt, homophobia, and crushing class barriers.

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Playing Face | Bearfoot Theatre

The Kings are the ideal hosts, inviting guests into their home as part of their reality television program Living with the Kings, a very popular production. For this season finale they’ve invited the Wild Violets to join them, a musical duo set to send the show off with a real bang, but not without wreaking a little havoc.

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Writer/Director Cassie Hamilton and Actors Carl Gregory, Anna Lambert, and Stephanie Priest on Playing Face | Bearfoot Theatre

Night Writes sits down with writer and director Cassie Hamilton and cast members Carl Gregory, Anna Lambert, and Stephanie Priest to discuss their new production Playing Face with Barefoot Theatre.

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