JUNK | Flying Fruit Fly Circus

JUNK6 (credit OGA Creative Agency)

Image by OGA Creative Agency

To celebrate their 40th birthday, Flying Fruit Fly Circus have brought their much-loved production JUNK back to the stage for its last Australian-wide tour. This one of a kind circus troupe of kids aged 8-19 are dedicated to creating vibrant and engaging circus performances to entertain all ages. Inspired by youthful imagination and risk-taking, JUNK shows off what these incredibly talented kids can do.

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Every Brilliant Thing | Belvoir


Image by Brett Boardman

Mental illness is a very isolating experience because many of the symptoms of mental illnesses, especially depression, attack the parts of the mind that interpret relationships, make meaningful connections, and experience joy. Often the effects of mental illness are not felt until a tragedy occurs, a suicide or another violent physical manifestation of the illness, when the impact radiates outwards through family, friends, and communities.

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Hotel Sorrento | HIT Productions with Riverside Theatre

Meg and Troy Moynihan (played by Kim Denman and Saxon Grey

Image by Cathy Ronalds

Three sisters’ lives recollide after middle sister Meg’s novel is nominated for the Book Prize. With the death of their father and the questioning of Hilary’s son Troy, the sisters are forced to re-examine the life they lived in hometown Sorrento and what drove them apart. This is a piece of nostalgic Australiana from our recent history that attempts to unpack the Australian identity in a global culture.

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