A Migrant’s Son | Riverside Theatres Digital

Image by Anne-Laure Marie

Australia as we currently know it was built on the backs of wave after wave of immigrants; people who came to this newly colonised land for opportunities that often took the form of hard and thankless work. In A Migrant’s Son, performer Michaela Burger immortalises her immigrant family’s experience through songs that span countries, decades, and generations.

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Lady Beatle | The Little Red Company & Critical Stages Touring


Image by David Evans

Like Across the Universe, Lady Beatle uses the songs of the Beatles to reconstruct an alternate narrative, a behind the scenes to the making of the world’s largest rock band if there had been a fifth Beatle. This story, though, is almost true. There was a lady beetle that bestowed with the love and support and good luck that propelled them out of Liverpool, and this show is in tribute to him.

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