Through the Cracks | EDGE Spaces

Image by Ashley de Prazer

A woman goes missing and no one knows how or why. On the surface she was a perfectly normal middle-aged woman, so what went wrong? In an immersive, interactive detective mystery, the audience helps Inspector Tilly find the clues to this disappearance buried deep the in the ephemera of the victim’s life.

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Norm & Ahmed | Australian Theatre Live

Image by Becky Matthews

The multiculturalism of Australia has been a hot-button topic of discussion for several years now, usually raised around issues of immigration, international relations, and national pride during events like Australia Day. But even if it seems particularly relevant recently, Alex Bezo’s 1960s script Norm & Ahmed shows that culture clashes in this land are old news.

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French Without Tears | the Independent Theatre 80th Anniversary Celebration

Image by Sophie Frazer – Vivid Imagination Photography

In celebration of the renaming and reopening of the Independent Theatre on September 2nd, 1939, the Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation with Wenona School hosted a staged reading of the first play to walk the newly restored floorboards: French Without Tears by Terence Rattigan. The rich Sydney community of actors, directors, and audience members rallied for a nostalgic afternoon.

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