Echoes of the Picture Palace | Nick Russoniello and the Golden Age Quartet

In a throwback to the days of vaudeville and the picture palace, Nick Russoniello and the Golden Age Quartet reawaken the Independent’s past and celebrate the great Charlie Chaplin in a concert that combines classic film and live music. Including pieces from Golden Age greats and new compositions, the afternoon was part history lesson and all entertainment.

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The Height of Spring | Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra


WPO Sept 2019 IMG_0034

Image by Geoff Sirmai

To welcome in the new season, Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra invited soloist Darcy Dauth for four pieces encapsulating the uplifting and joyful atmosphere of springtime. From the mid-19th to mid-20th century these pieces grow in grandeur like the bursting of spring sunshine on a fine September weekend.

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New Constellations | Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra

ARCO Aug 2019_DSC9518

Image by Nick Gilbert

With guest director Jakob Lehmann, the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra is undertaking its first national tour for their New Constellations concert. Combining the work of two Romantic composers, this program presents a joyful dynamic with some unusual classic instruments.

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Concerto for Choir | Bel a capella

For their second concert of 2019, Bel a capella again mixes pieces of old and new in a program that explores the sound and colour of choral music. Performed in the refined Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel, the program centred “Concerto for Choir” by Alfred Schnittke for a balance of experimental and powerful pieces.

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Shostakovich: through the lens of the string quartet | Flinders Quartet

Inspired by the gift of Wendy Lesser’s biography of Dmitri Shostakovich and his string quartets, Flinders Quartet again joined forces with Richard Piper to curate a selection of movements from these fifteen quartets to illuminate the shape and sound of the composer’s life and career. Referencing their previous collaboration of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Piper quotes the memoir comparing Shostakovich’s quartets to Shakespeare’s sonnets in their intimate emotion.

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Slavic Passion | Seraphim Trio


Arranged as a celebration of some Slavic master composers, Seraphim Trio’s Slavic Passion program could also be said to combine representations of remembrance. Across grief, loss, celebration, and captured moments, the pieces uniquely demonstrate the trio’s range of skill and interest.

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The Spooky Men at 18 | The Spooky Men’s Chorale

Image by Samantha Lazzaro

After 18 years and 700 performances around the world, the Spooky Men’s Chorale is nearly ready to release their seventh album in celebration of coming of age. Founded in the Blue Mountains but appearing at prestigious festivals all over the UK and Australia, this group has gathered quite a following of loyal fans keen on the neat balance between spooky and silly with which the Spooky Men infuse their music.

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