Not Today | Rogue Projects

Image by Cameron Grant

There’s a lot of talk in the media about millennials and young people ruining the economy by not buying houses or ruining traditional families by not getting married or having kids but there aren’t nearly enough conversations with actual young people about what they want the world to look like. Not Today dives directly into one twenty-something’s mind as she navigates grief, guilt, and overwhelming anxiety about climate change.

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Two Twenty Somethings Decide Never to Be Stressed About Anything Ever Again. Ever. | Bite Productions

Image by Clare Hawley

It seems that most days bring a new online article or news segment about the casualisation of the workforce, sky-rocketing house prices, stagnant wages, and general catastrophe for younger generations to navigate and establish a life in. Luckily for these two twenty-somethings, they’ve simply decided to not be stressed anymore.

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