Two Twenty Somethings Decide Never to Be Stressed About Anything Ever Again. Ever. | Bite Productions

Image by Clare Hawley

It seems that most days bring a new online article or news segment about the casualisation of the workforce, sky-rocketing house prices, stagnant wages, and general catastrophe for younger generations to navigate and establish a life in. Luckily for these two twenty-somethings, they’ve simply decided to not be stressed anymore.

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Ditch | Dream Plane Productions

1. Giles Gartrell-Mills (Photography by Becky Matthews)

Image by Becky Matthews

In the near future, the world has reached breaking point: the government is forcibly mandating birth control, people are fleeing across borders, communications have broken down between major powers and volatile states, and nuclear war hangs on the horizon. Ditch makes manifest the threats, predictions, and fears gathering for generations and presents the world as it may one day be.

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