Australia Day | Hunters Hill Theatre

The politics of small town local government committees can be hairy at the best of times but when a new generation swoops in with ideas about how to shake things up and shift the status quo, more than one veteran committee member bristles. Who knew that organising an Australia Day barbeque would lead to bribery, sabotage, and the up-rooting of a corrupt local politician?

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The Weapons of Rhetoric | Bach Akademie Australia

Image by Australian Digital Concert Hall

Bringing together spoken language and instrumental music under the theme of rhetoric illuminates the forms’ similar concerns of pace, rhythm, voice, and flow in constructing a whole performance piece. The study of rhetoric as argument and persuasion was popular in comparison and unison with composition during the 18th century and, as such, in this concert, Bach Akademie Australia illustrates the literary influence of rhetoric on a range of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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Pete the Sheep | Monkey Baa Theatre Company

Image by Lisa Williams

Being different can be hard, especially when you’re deviating from tradition. Shaun is a new sheep shearer with some new ideas that really rock the shed and Ratso’s set ways but, together, they open up a whole range of possibilities for the sheep shearing profession.

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