Softly, Surely | subtlenuance

In an unnamed city, a group of strangers, acquaintances, and family members cross paths again and again without realising. They’re all struggling to find peace and purpose in their lives whether they have years stretching out before them or the end looms on the horizon. But they share one common coping mechanism: song.

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The Various Methods of Escape | Mon Sans Productions with Actors Anonymous

There is a particular type of public fascination with kidnapping cases, perhaps because of great sympathy for the families and children who suffer the cruel crime or out of morbid relief that your family was lucky. One especially famous case that garnered a lot of attention was that of Jaycee Lee Dugard who was found in 2009 after being held captive for 18 years or the fictional account of Jack and his mother in Room by Emma Donoghue, based on the real experiences of Elizabeth Fritzl, found in 2008 after being held by her father for 24 years. At the heart of these media frenzies or the fictionalised stories seems to be a need to understand; how could this happen? Who would do something so awful?

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