Photograph 51 | Ensemble Theatre

Image by Teniola Komolafe

Most people would have encountered the famous duo Watson and Crick in their high school science classrooms when learning about the structure of DNA. But few will have heard about the context surrounding the monumental discovery and the duo’s rivalry with an early pioneer for women in science; a story comprised of pride, betrayal, and a tragic early death.

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The Woman in Black | Ensemble Theatre

Image by Daniel Boud

Mr Kipps has a story he must tell. It’s a story of horror and misery and death. He has recruited an actor to help him translate this story from his memories so he can finally explain to his family their history. Neither man is aware, however, of just how long the ghosts of Mr Kipps’s past will linger.

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Trevor | Outhouse Theatre Co with bAKEHOUSE

Image by Clare Hawley

In all the conventional ways Sandra is just a single mom doing her best to make ends meet after her husband left her while still providing the nurturing and stimulating environment her growing child needs. The only difference is that her son Trevor is actually a chimpanzee and the older he gets, the more precarious their position in the town becomes.

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