Enemies of Grooviness Eat Shit | Performing Lines

Renowned sex clown Betty Grumble returns to the stage to explore big feelings of grief, love, and fear and the great tools of navigation: art, pleasure, and justice. Grooviness is a state of being in touch and in rhythm so Betty invites all those enemies of grooviness, perpetrators of gendered violence, violence against the Earth, and violence against the self, to dive into her eco-feminist compost heap to eat shit.

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Grey Rhino | Charmene Yap & Cass Mortimer Eipper with Performing Lines

Image by Daniel Boud

American policy analyst Michele Wucker in her 2016 book the Gray Rhino referred to dangers people choose to ignore as “A highly probable, high-impact threat: something we ought to see coming, like a two-tonne rhinoceros aiming its horn in our direction and preparing to charge.” Inspired by this quote Grey Rhino explores the way people deny, ignore, and procrastinate on impending problems to their own detriment.

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Sunshine Super Girl | Andrea James & Performing Lines

Image by Yaya Stempler

The controversy of a mid-pandemic Australian Open currently playing out across the news stations is a reminder of the place of tennis in Australia’s self-mythology; what the sport symbolises at home but also how it identifies the nation internationally. In Sunshine Super Girl, Andrea James tells the story of Evonne Goolagong Cawley, a trailblazer in tennis throughout the 1970s.

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