At What Cost? | Belvoir

Image by Brett Boardman

There’s an old, insidious myth that there were no Aboriginal people in lutriwita (Tasmania) after British colonisation. It’s something Palawa have been fighting for decades to disprove and now they have the added difficulty of a rising popularity in reclaiming disowned Aboriginality, people uncovering buried ancestry or following family rumours and wanting recognition of their Palawa inheritance.

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Sunshine Super Girl | Andrea James & Performing Lines

Image by Yaya Stempler

The controversy of a mid-pandemic Australian Open currently playing out across the news stations is a reminder of the place of tennis in Australia’s self-mythology; what the sport symbolises at home but also how it identifies the nation internationally. In Sunshine Super Girl, Andrea James tells the story of Evonne Goolagong Cawley, a trailblazer in tennis throughout the 1970s.

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