Breathing Corpses | Eye Contact Theatre Company

Image by Becky Matthews

Maybe if you watch a lot of British crime dramas then you’ve wondered to yourself how you would react if you were the person fated to discover a dead body. Or you’ve mused about how the “woman walking her dog” or “bicyclist” is doing now after their discovery aired on the nightly news. For one person, that moment was the end of the story, for everyone else, it’s the beginning.

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Hand To God | Red Line Productions

Image by Robert Catto

Jason is a quiet fellow, navigating puberty, helping his mother after the death of his father, and pursuing his particular interest in sock puppetry. But something shifts when his mother introduces sock puppets to the church as a youth group activity. Was it the proximity to God that turned Tyrone or was his devilish proclivity just laying in wait, biding his time until he had some real ammo? Will the small town of Cypress, Texas ever really know what really happened in that church basement?

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