The One | Ensemble Theatre

Image by Prudence Upton

Growing up mixed-race can be complicated and confusing for kids trying to figure out their identity. Add to that splitting your childhood between two countries, having an absent father, and trying to integrate into a racist Australian society and the early years for Eric and Mel were tough ones. With such an unstable foundation, what kind of lives can they make for themselves in adulthood?

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Ghosting the Party | Griffin Theatre Company

Image by Clare Hawley

The most obvious fear about dying is the ceasing to exist part but one also has to consider all the preliminaries: will you be seriously ill or injured? Will you be able to stay at home or with family? Will you end up isolated in a care facility? These are the practical fears of dying that have only been exacerbated over recent years with the incredibly deadly COVID-19 outbreak in Victorian aged care facilities that killed hundreds of people in 2020 and the Royal Commission into Aged Care of 2021 that recorded countless instances of abuse and neglect across the country.

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Made to Measure | Seymour Centre

Image by Lisa Tomasetti

Weddings as moments of great personal and cultural significance are often very emotional experiences from the engagement to the bachelor/bachelorette parties and all the little rituals that go into the big day. For marginalised people, people who are not reflected in bridal magazines or represented in bridal shops, and who don’t even appear in trashy wedding reality shows, organising a wedding can encompass an additional range of emotions that damper the joy and frivolity of the occasion. Alana Valentine’s new play Made to Measure confronts the experience of trying to celebrate yourself in a world that won’t celebrate with you.

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Playlist | PYT Fairfield & Sydney Opera House


Image by Daniel Boud

Five young women from Western Sydney have a lot of differences from their personal style to their family history to their cultural upbringing but music matters to all of them as comfort, inspiration, and a field to express themselves as growing and changing individuals. Playlist is about being a woman today with the soaring successes of legal and political freedom in hand with all the other ways woman are still kept quiet and scared.

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