Wudjang: Not the Past | Bangarra Dance Theatre & Sydney Theatre Company

Image by Daniel Boud

When the future or even the present feel so pressing it can be difficult to see the relevance of old stories and traditions. But in this collaborative performance between Bangarra Dance Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company, the past is shown to be ongoing with powerful lessons that ancestors can teach about resilience and care.

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The Pulse | Gravity & Other Myths

Image by Jacquie Manning

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the necessity of community resilience. As wave after wave of COVID-19 variances have hit Australian shores, our communities have taken a beating but the future promises even more challenges as climate change continues to alter the systems and processes that hold our society together. The Pulse recognises and recreates these societal cycles in a marriage of light, sound, and movement.

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Joan Didion’s The White Album | Lars Jan & Early Morning Opera

Image by Yaya Stempler

Based on the 1979 essay, Joan Didion’s The White Album covers five years in California from 1968-1972 where Didion weaves politics, crime, Hollywood celebrities, and her autobiography into a volatile portrait of paranoia and isolation. Lars Jan and Early Morning Opera introduce bodies, light, sound, and space into the words to deepen the impact and resonance of this already seminal piece.

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Beware of Pity | Schaubühne Berlin & Complicité


Image by Jamie Williams

On the cusp of World War I, a young soldier is invited to Baron Kekesfalva’s castle for a party. After embarrassing himself by asking the Baron’s paralysed daughter to dance, Anton Hofmiller attempts to apologise and sets in motion his entanglement with this sad and unusual family. This joint production between Schaubühne Berlin and Complicité based on the Austrian novel by Stefan Zweig is a dark and arresting examination of the rotting influence of pity on a life and its relationships.

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HOME | Geoff Sobelle and Beth Morrison Projects


Image by Victor Frankowski

This review comes from Night Writes guest reviewer Gabriella Florek.

Having seen just a short minute or so long trailer of Home, and leaving the inspection of the program notes until after the show, I had a few wild ideas of what I might experience from the opening night. But, nothing about Geoff Sobelle’s magic production was what I expected it to be.

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