Neighbourhood Watch | New Theatre

Image by Chris Lundie

Mary St is a perfectly ordinary suburban street with perfectly ordinary residents. The only thing missing is perhaps a bit of community spirit, the comfort of having someone keeping an eye on your business. But when two relative newbie neighbours strike up a friendship, the close quarters create more friction than expected.

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Persuasion | the Genesian Theatre

Image by Craig O’Regan

Persuasion is often labeled the most romantic of Jane Austen’s novels for its mixture of love, regret, and a sense of destiny in the lead couple, much like more recently love stories like The Notebook or Always Be My Maybe. Two people fall in love but the circumstances drive them apart only for them to be reunited in the future when rekindle their young romance.

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Giving Up the Ghost | Pop Up Theatre

Image by Clare Hawley

The debut production at the new Sydney performance venue Limelight on Oxford, uses a comedic approach to death and grieving to investigate attitudes to euthanasia and how our relationships change, or stay the same, after death. This new Australian play uses farcical elements and touches of the supernatural to unravel the past and future of a family in mourning.

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