The Lost Voice of Anne Brontë | Tom Mann Theatre


Anne Brontë is often most remembered as the youngest of the Brontë sisters with the publication of her controversial novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall struggling to shift focus away from her older sisters Emily and Charlotte. In honour of the Anne Brontë Bicentenary celebrations this year, writer Cate Whittaker hopes to awaken a new love for Anne’s work with this biographical play.

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Persuasion | the Genesian Theatre

Image by Craig O’Regan

Persuasion is often labeled the most romantic of Jane Austen’s novels for its mixture of love, regret, and a sense of destiny in the lead couple, much like more recently love stories like The Notebook or Always Be My Maybe. Two people fall in love but the circumstances drive them apart only for them to be reunited in the future when rekindle their young romance.

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