Sunday in the Park with George | Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble (MUSE)

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of being trapped in a conversation with someone emphatically asking, “What does art do? What is the point of it?” Or maybe you’ve been the one doing the trapping. Either way, it became a desperate, high-stakes question when the COVID-19 pandemic began ripping through the art scene in 2020 and Australian artists were hung out to dry without their audiences. And, yet, the question of art’s purpose stretches back centuries, as illustrated in this second production of the year from the Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble.

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Pete the Sheep | Monkey Baa Theatre Company

Image by Lisa Williams

Being different can be hard, especially when you’re deviating from tradition. Shaun is a new sheep shearer with some new ideas that really rock the shed and Ratso’s set ways but, together, they open up a whole range of possibilities for the sheep shearing profession.

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