The Becoming | New Theatre


Inspired by the surrealism of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Katie Pollock reimagines the well-known novella through young Greta’s eyes as her brother takes a sudden ugly turn towards extremism. In The Becoming, dangerous ideology and its sibling, dangerous indifference, means nobody gets out alive.

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Joseph K | Secret House

Image by Clare Hawley

Joseph K has been arrested by an unknown entity for an unknown crime and, while it’s unclear what the consequences of his arrest may be, his identity is slowly being erased from all systems and databases. With the help of his sister and some unusual characters, Joseph hopes to fight the charges and get his life back on track. In Tom Basden’s adaptation of the Franz Kafka novel the Trial, the validity and efficacy of the modern world’s bureaucracy and impenetrable policies are satirised to the extreme.

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Metamorphosis | Clock & Spiel Productions

Father_Yannick Lawry

Metamorphosis was a seminal text from Franz Kafka, one of the most important writers of the 20th century. It depicts young Gregor, a son working to support his poor family, who wakes up one morning to discover he has become a cockroach. This production of the stage adaptation by David Farr and Gisli Orn Gardarsson shifts the dire and dreary tone of Kafka’s novella to something more dramatic.

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