Orange Thrower | Griffin Theatre Company & National Theatre of Parramatta

Image by Brett Boardman

After weeks of rain, a coming-of-age story set under the summer sun was a sip of sweet relief. But not everything in Paradise is as good as it seems with a rogue orange vandal on the loose and a neighbourhood watch more invested in peace than justice. Maybe a blast from the past is exactly what this neighbourhood needs to shake it out of its stuffy ways.

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Girl in the Machine | National Theatre of Parramatta

49 Girl in the Machine June 2019, Noni Carroll Photography-

Image by Noni Carroll

Girl in the Machine imagines a future where the messy, complicated, and thankless jobs of care are automated. Sanitised of human contact and compassion, hospitals and medical professionals are obsolete, replaced by a small earpiece called Black Box. Focusing in on one marriage, Stef Smith’s play covers the conflict between technology and human connection, addiction, love, and the philosophy of life.

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