Before the Meeting | White Box Theatre & Seymour Centre

Image by Danielle Lyonne

Most people are routine orientated. They’re how we structure our lives and ourselves, form new habits or get rid of old ones. Routines are how we show our productivity, our values, and how we work towards our dreams. That’s why they’ve been a cornerstone of addiction recovery for decades, baked into the rhetoric along with the Twelve Steps to help newly sober people reorder and rebuild their lives.

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At What Cost? | Belvoir

Image by Brett Boardman

There’s an old, insidious myth that there were no Aboriginal people in lutriwita (Tasmania) after British colonisation. It’s something Palawa have been fighting for decades to disprove and now they have the added difficulty of a rising popularity in reclaiming disowned Aboriginality, people uncovering buried ancestry or following family rumours and wanting recognition of their Palawa inheritance.

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Eurydice | Mad March Hare Theatre Co with Red Line Productions


Image by Marnya Rothe

Eurydice was a young woman on the cusp of happiness. She’d found the love of her life and she was ready to get what she wanted. Until she was tricked into the Underworld where her choices aren’t quite what they once were. In a hazy retelling of the Greek tale, the boundaries of responsibility and desire blur as a young woman finds her place between heaven and hell.

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