Mr Gørski at Sydney Fringe

Mr.Gorski Sydney Fringe13 2018

★★★★★ / 5

Mr Gørski is on the run for being too entertaining! He’s found a secret hideout, so he’s safe for now, but since we’re all here, he may as well show you some tricks! A clown under pressure does prove to be awfully entertaining.

After making quite the entrance, Mr Gørski (Daniel Gorski) finds, sneaks into, and explores his new hiding place before getting down to his tricky business. There are plenty of props to be found lying around but even so, Mr Gørski has supplied his own out of his big red suitcase. He can dance, juggle, balance, and manipulate his bowler hat in ways not seen since the good ol’ days of black and white cinema.

Mr Gørski embodies the physical humour and stage space very well, committing to measured movement as much as falling flat on his back. Of particular enjoyment was watching Mr. Gorski turn to jelly during the radio’s white noise, as though he was swimming through the airwaves. There were some really unique bits to his clowning or unique takes on the missing hand or balancing tricks. Both the simple and complex feats kept the audience engaged because of Mr Gørski’s enthusiasm and ease of transitioning through narrative cues.

The set, lighting, and sound are really well designed to give Mr Gørski maximum room for movement while also maintaining the story. The sound and lighting are also wonderfully subtle in the way they dimmed or brightened to match Mr Gørski’s mood, or to connote a threatening message on the airways. This strengthens the performance and elevates it from a simple lights up, lights down situation.

Mr Gørski’s adventures are good fun and a wonderful way for the whole family to enjoy the Sydney Fringe Festival.

Mr Gørski is running at St Peters Town Hall from September 18th – 29th as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival.


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