Alice in Slasherland | Last One Standing Theatre Company with Red Line Productionsc

Last One Standing presents Alice In Slasherland

Image by Robert Catto

Everyone’s been there; at a Halloween party, trying to have a spooky time, and accidentally opening a portal to Hell. Writer Qui Nguyen’s work is well-known for integrating gore and horror tropes with puppets, humour, and a lot of fight choreography. This Australian premiere of his play Alice in Slasherland sees the Lewis Carol story turned on its head.

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Stalking the Bogeyman | Neil Gooding Productions & NewYorkRep with Red Line Productions

Graeme and Radek

Image by John Marmaras

David once planned to kill a man. A man he hadn’t seen for a long time; a man he didn’t think he would ever see again. This man, the Bogeyman, raped David when he was seven years old and it’s time for revenge. Based on playwright David Holthouse’s own experiences and adapted with Markus Potter, Stalking the Bogeyman is a tense telling of trauma and the aftermath for a young boy and his future self.

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