Blue Christmas | New Ghosts Theatre Company

Image by Clare Hawley

For the inaugural production of IGNITE Collective, New Ghosts Theatre brings two new Australian works about disfunctional and unusual Christmas celebrations to the stage. In Good People, the hours spent waiting in an airport stretch into unfathomable eternity while the women of Shandy’s Corner learn to lean on each other in times of grief and joy.

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Fangirls | Belvoir, Queensland Theatre & Brisbane Festival with Australian Theatre for Young People

Image by Brett Boardman

Have you ever loved something so much that it took over your world, pushing things like family and school into subplots and background information to the fateful love story at the centre of it all? Have you ever felt that way about someone you’ve never met? Never seen or touched in real life? Someone who doesn’t know you exist? That overwhelming, all consuming sensation is called being a fangirl.

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