The Visitors | Moogahlin Performing Arts

Image by Jamie James

Inspired by the jury room drama Twelve Angry Men, Jane Harrison’s new play imagines those fateful days in January 1788 when the First Fleet entered Sydney Harbour. The seven surrounding clan leaders gather to hold a tense discussion about whether to welcome these visitors or turn them away before it’s too late.

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Winyanboga Yurringa | Belvoir with Moogahlin Performing Arts


Image by Brett Boardman

Neecy has organised to have three generations of her family to meet at their traditional family camping spot for a secret occasion. Choosing to ignore their personal crises for the weekend, the women wear away the shine of happy quality time very quickly. The intrusion of a controversial photographer, employed to document the event by Neecy, doesn’t help to stabilise rocky communication.

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The Weekend | Moogahlin Performing Arts


Image by Prudence Upton

Lara is interstate working as a dancer to support her two young boys back in Sydney when she receives a call that their father, who was supposed to watching them, hasn’t been home for two days. She has the weekend to fly home, take care of her boys, find her partner, and settle the situation before returning to Cairns by Monday. This one-woman production is about the battleground of family and addiction set in Sydney’s public housing.

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