Acqua Profunda: A Trilogy | Bondi Festival

Running alongside the Pacific Ocean, Bondi Beach is a potent symbol of Australia’s cultural relationship with water whether through pools at high school swimming carnivals, sprinklers during suburban summers, or the beloved Aussie beaches. Acqua Profunda: A Trilogy is an audio experience that investigates this relationship with water through three different stories of watery occurrences.

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Take Two: A Comedy of Errors | National Theatre of Parramatta

Lindy Sardelic, Gabriel Fancourt, Mansoor Noor, Bilal Hafda, Libby Asciak

Image by Noni Carroll

Enemy cities, a tragic shipwreck, two sets of twins separated indefinitely: so goes Shakespeare’s farce A Comedy of Errors. In Hilary Bell’s adaptation for the National Theatre of Parramatta, the story retains all the instances of mistaken identity, unfulfilled plans, wrongful arrests, and a near execution while injecting a bit of Western Sydney flair.

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