Netgirlz | Royalty Free Theatre with Old 505 FreshWorksFEMME


Creative bots, algorithms, and AI that pump out scripts based on the input of thousands of human-written examples have been a source of hilarity for the last few years but what if a bot was tasked with writing a play about cyberspace, the internet, itself? The output of this hypothetical is Netgirlz, an “anti-theatre” and “anti-linear” piece bringing you the thrills of the internet in the comfort of the theatre.

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Chorus | Bontom with Red Line Productions

Image by Phil Erbacher

Agamemnon is a rock goddess on an international tour to grow her fame like never before. But she has a complicated family past that her detractors bandy about at the least provocation; spreading rumours that tarnish her unbelievable success. In Ang Collin’s reimagining of the Greek tragedy, the limitations of loyalty are tested in a mother’s struggle for selfhood.

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