Leading Ladies | Castle Hill Players

CHP-03-Leading Ladies-5367

Image by Chris Lundie

When down on his luck actor Leo reads about the projected inheritance of missing relatives Max and Steve, he thinks he’s hatched the perfect plan to save his and his acting partner Jack’s career. Little does he know the lengths this job will push their talent as they attempt to trick Great Aunt Florence and win the hands of some beautiful young ladies, as well. Like any Shakespearean farce, Leading Ladies is a classic tale of missing relatives, large inheritances, and sneaky disguises that ends neatly with love and justice.

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You’ve Got Mail | Bondi Feast

Against a pixellated Manhattan skyline at sunset (the perfect backdrop for an Internet seduction) Joe Fox and Meg Ryan talk and flirt to escape their meat-puppet bodies. It’s a modern love story: two people fall in love anonymously online without knowing that, in real life, they are rival bookshop owners. In Ang Collin’s and Sarah Hadley’s retelling of the classic 1990s romcom, though, Meg_Ryan and Tom_Hanks are a lot, lot weirder.

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