Things I Know to Be True | the Theatre on Chester

Andrew Bovell’s 2016 family drama Things I Know to Be True has maintained a continued resonance with Australian audiences as evidenced in at least three productions across Sydney in recent years. In the most recent iteration, a fear of change forms the central focus as the Price family faces a year of growing up and letting go.

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Things I Know to Be True | Castle Hill Players

Image by Chris Lundie

Small towns are known for their quiet, steady atmospheres where not much changes. For the Price Family of Halett Cove, that’s been true for 25 years. But this year everything’s in upheaval from affairs and coming outs to heartbreak and resolved regrets.

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Things I Know To Be True | Belvoir

Image by Heidrun Löhr

Loving someone, especially family, is a constant reckoning. Growing up, learning more about yourself, and making life-shaping decisions change the makeup of relationships and family dynamics, sometimes irreparably. In Andrew Bovell’s newest drama, Things I Know To Be True, the Price family meets a period of great change head-on.

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