TattleTales | Ponydog Productions

Image by Ezekiel Rodofili

For thousands of years people have been building connections through rituals and one of the most enduring rituals is storytelling. In this immersive and interactive production, the audience is invited into the show to construct their own unique story together, a story never told before or since.

The premise of this production is simple: guided by a Storyteller (Davey Seagle or Lachlan Ruffy), the small, intimate audience chooses a setting and characters and tells a story together. Based on a Dungeons & Dragons style format, the Storyteller guided the audience with prompts and the helpful direction of the Tarot deck. In almost full control of the surrounds, the Storyteller was also able to shape the atmosphere of the room with lighting and various soundscapes designed by Sophie Parker, and a handy smoke machine. The set design by Phoenix Mae played on the medieval aesthetics of classic role-playing games with mis-matched cushions and upholstery, rune garlands, and a foreboding hourglass. The overall production design was impressive for its cohesion and attention to detail in creating a fully-immersive space.

When so much of the intimacy, immediacy, and enjoyment of live performance has been lost in the last two years, TattleTales dives deep into a craving for community and connection by welcoming the audience’s imaginations directly onstage. As amateur storytellers, the audience was able to revel in joy and silliness and flights of fancy that were then deftly crafted into a coherent narrative by the Storyteller. For example, this specific rendition included a Mage, a Witch, and a Merchant engaging in civil war for control of the sun with a side-plot of people smuggling. The possibilities are endless. The Storyteller, in this case Seagle, was able to give weight to the audience members’ ideas with a warmth and kindness that peeled back the showier aspects of the performing arts and got to the core of a group of people sharing time, space, and story together.

Whether a closeted actor, avid role-player, or secret dreamer, TattleTales opens the stage to your unique imagination for a fun and wholesome welcome back to the theatre.

TattleTales is running at Flight Path Theatre from November 16th – 28th with further dates to be announced for December

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