Home Chat | the Genesian Theatre

Image by Craig O’Regan

Can men and women every really be just friends? It’s a question that has continued to plague romantic comedies since well before Noel Coward’s 1920s take on it in Home Chat. But now, in a repeat of the Roaring 20s, most of us can agree that the question is out-dated, but that doesn’t mean we can’t poke fun at the fuddy-duddies with issues of propriety and reputation up their noses.

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Macbeth: the Installation | Barestage Theatre

Macbeth has been done live and it’s been done digitally, but for the COVID-19 world, Barestage Theatre combines the two forms for a techno-punk rendition of the fall of the Scottish king. Performed live and streamed straight to your home, Macbeth: the Installation traverses boundaries of intimacy and performance.

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