Nothing | National Theatre of Parramatta

Image by Noni Carroll Photography

There is something particularly chilling about listening to children work through some of life’s great conundrums like unfairness or death. They haven’t adopted either the niceties or the distracting justifications upon which adults couch these conversations so the ideas are laid bare and shocking. In Nothing, adapted for the stage by Pelle Koppel from the controversial 2000 novel by Janne Teller, a group of children grapple with perhaps the largest question of all: the meaning of life.

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Breaking the Castle | The Street Theatre

It’s only been in the last few years that the political and social zeitgeists have actively considered mental health, addiction, family violence and child abuse, toxic masculinity, or any of the complex ways that these experiences overlap and compound in people’s lives. In this new Australian work that debuted shortly before the pandemic, the struggles of one man open up a discussion about the hidden suffering in our communities.

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