Entertaining Angels | Castle Hill Players

It’s not uncommon for conversation with a loved one to continue after their death, especially if the passing was sudden. But Grace and Bardy have more than loose ends to tie up. It would seem that Bardy’s death laid the stage for the revelation of more than a few secrets from beyond the grave.

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The Diary of Anne Frank | Castle Hill Players

2019 - CHP-05 - The Diary of Anne Frank-9065

Image by Chris Lundie

For the last three generations or so children have been reading The Diary of a Young Girl as a firsthand account of life in Europe under Hitler’s rule for a young Jewish girl. In the stage adaptation by Francis Goodrich and Albert Hackett, the audience is brought directly into the Frank’s annex for the two years that they were in hiding to see the long hours of boredom, brief respite in holiday celebration, and a brooding fear of discovery underpinning it all.

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