Marrugeku: Telling That Story Launch | Marrugeku & Performance Research Books

This year marks 25 years since Mimi was commissioned by Festival of Perth and the trans-Indigenous and intercultural performance company Marrugeku was born. In celebration, performance practise publisher Performance Research Books has collaborated with the company to bring a comprehensive history of their performances and practises to print.

Telling That Story is a scholarly and critical text which brings together the voices of artists, critics, community members, and scholars in exploration of Marrugeku and their impact on Australian and international performance scenes. During the launch, hosted by Latai Taumoepeau, publisher Richard Gough discussed the uniquely collaborative process of writing and producing this new book with editors Helen Gilbert, Dalisa Pigram, and Rachael Swain taking an intimate role in all elements from design to photography to the included articles.

The launch included a heartfelt welcoming from Yawuru Senator Patrick Dodson who compared the book to a precious pearl. Beginning in 1996 in the Kunwinjku community of Kunbarlanja in West Arnhem Land, Marrugeku has grown into a nationally and internationally acclaimed company, touring as far as Europe and the United States to share the cultural stories at the heart of their creative practise. Now established in Yawuru Country, Broome and Gadigal Land, Sydney, Marrugeku has several original productions under its belt, which were commemorated in a montage during the launch, and continues to work in collaboration with artists across cultural and geographical divides.

This spirit of collaboration, sharing, and connection has clearly contributed to the company’s embrace from the international community and sparked the admiration of audiences and scholars alike. As such, Marrugeku’s reputation as a powerhouse performance company is solidified in this celebratory acknowledgement of their success.

Marrugeku: Telling That Story was launched on September 29th. For more information about purchasing a copy, visit Marrugeku’s website.

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