The Haunting | Dark Stories

In a house in North Sydney some 150 years ago, three mysterious things took place. Now, it’s time to call on the ghosts of the past for answers and a possibly resolution for those still living and those long dead.

As part of Dark Stories’ selection of true crime tours and interactive theatre experiences, the Haunting invites audiences into the Don Bank Museum for a supernatural encounter. Led by Father William (Evan Ferguson), audiences attempt to contact the other side and uncover the truth of what happened in this house on that fateful night in the 19th century.

Called forth by powerful tokens, ghosts of the young couple Catherine (Emily McKendry) and Thomas Parsons (August Rogers), who used to live in the house, walked freely through the rooms, reliving troubling conversations and the mysterious second life of the husband. It became clear that the God-fearing man was having an affair with young Annie (Caitlin Addinell), a mistake he would suffer dearly for. After uncovering the truth of the house, Brother William led the audience in a group exorcism to return peace but, once again, the ghosts had other ideas.

The story was perfectly apt for the spooky, creaky old house, especially under the relentless rain of a Sydney winter. Father William was jovial and enthusiastic, roping the audience easily into his exciting plan. There was also something particularly fitting about Thomas’s sulking demeanour and slurry Irish accent, which further created an old world atmosphere. Small touches like poisoned chocolates amplified a feeling of entrapment as doors rattled and lights were snuffed at the whims of the spectres. Brother William didn’t have as much control as he let on.

For history buffs who want to explore more of Sydney’s old landmarks or those with an interest in the other side, the Haunting was a well-executed and encompassing interactive experience; a bit of thrilling fun.

The Haunting is running at Don Bank Museum from June 10th – 19th

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