Pizza, Parmigiano and Pavarotti | Dunera

Image by Geoff Sirmai

In true Emanuel Synagogue fashion, Dunera is their initiative to maintain a sense of connection and community for those who are isolated at home, something so many people can relate to this year. Providing an online hub for discussion and entertainment, Dunera present performances, Q&As, and more live and on demand. Today brought a wild Italian hour straight into your home with their Pizza, Parmigiano & Pavarotti event featuring Italian food, culture, and music from an esteemed group of performers.

Host and performer Ilan Kidron welcomed everyone to the live stream with some Italian swing hits accompanied by musical extraordinaire Eddie Bronson on piano accordion. After this opening the camera swung to the kitchen for the cooking portion of the event where Melissa Don Port walked the audience through a simple, authentic sourdough pizza base recipe while Lisa Goldberg fielded questions from the live chat.

While we waited for the dough to rise, the cameras turned again to Sydney-based soprano singer Eleanor Lyons with her pianist husband Vladimir Fanshil who performed a selection of arias from their repertoire. This intimate duet performance was part of their lockdown-era touring project called Live at Yours where the pair perform in smaller venues like salons and living rooms. The combination of a twinkling piano, breathtaking arias, and the treat of a personal performance is all very romantic; an unexpected outcome from the disrupted year.

Don Port and Goldberg continued their pizza-making class with a demonstration on how to recreate a wood-fire pizza oven with a frying pan and conventional oven for the same authentic Italian flavours at home. Key tips included how to freeze your pizza dough for quick convenience and a stern reminder from Don Port that true Italian pizzas are not overladen with toppings! This demonstration and another by Goldberg for twice-baked biscotti are available for later viewing at the Dunera On Demand menu.

Before they broke to enjoy the spoils of Don Port’s labour, the group came together for a few last songs with Ben Adler on violin joining Kidron and Bronson. The playful atmosphere of the event came through in a dramatic pizza-orientated aria sung by Lyons, Kidron, and Fanshil to close out an hour of indulging in some Italian culture and fun.

Pizza, Parmigiano & Pavarotti was live-streamed on July 23rd. To catch-up on past performances from the musicians or to learn some more recipes from Don Port and Goldberg, please check the Dunera website.

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