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Mansplaining ALTHERO

Comedy cabaret duo Alice Tovey and Ned Dixon bring their show Mansplaining to Sydney to tackle that issue bigger than most: the patriarchy. In equal parts sincerity and irony, this show is about laughing while men interrupt you and finding the reasoning within internet trolls.

Tovey’s lyrics address all the major concerns of the internet at the moment, including the demise of democracy in the US and UK, the disintegration of social and political discourse, and whether or not Australia is truly racist. While the opinions and spins aren’t new if you spend any time on leftist twitter, the vocal stylings of this self-proclaimed cabaret witch with her accompanying keyboardist know a clever turn of phrase.

Highlights of the performance include puppet back-up singers Michelle and Kelly from Destiny’s Child and a mambo-esque dance song dismantling Islamophobia. Tovey’s an excellent singer whose talents range widely across genres and styles. She keeps the show moving between songs with snappy commentary tying herself personally to the politics. While the majority of the show addresses the privilege and abuse of power of men, don’t worry, Tovey doesn’t hate men! She dissuades doubts with a final tribute to her father, a touch of sentimentality to an otherwise slightly cynical show.

If you want a to watch a comedy without sitting on edge expecting a jab of homophobia, sexism, racism, transphobia, etc, etc, then this is the type of show to support. Progressive, young talent pushing into the future of cabaret.


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